Samsung Galaxy 5 For The Socialite

PETALING JAYA: If you fancy yourself a social butterfly, then chances are you will love Samsung’s Galaxy 5, which the company says is dedicated to connecting users to their social world.

The Android-powered phone offers integrated communication such as e-mail, text messages, contacts and social networking feeds, all in one screen.

Techcentral will bring to you more about this phone.

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Samsung Galaxy 5

The Galaxy 5 is equipped with the TouchWiz 3.0 user interface (UI) and also has the Swype feature for faster and easier text input using the touchscreen.

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Additionally if you have something to say but don’t know whether it should be done on Facebook or Twitter, don’t fret. The Galaxy 5 allows you to first write the text before deciding the best way to share it.

You will have the option to turn the text into a Facebook status update, a tweet, or a personalised note to a friend via SMS or e-mail.

The Galaxy 5 also comes with the Layar Reality Browser, which allows users to access augmented reality content by holding up the phone to a point of interest like a popular landmark. They can then pull up a menu for more information or reviews about that place.

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The phone is also equipped with Google Maps, so users don’t have to worry about getting lost when trying to find a place to meet up with friends.

Additionally the Galaxy 5 comes with Samsung AllShare which allows you to play videos, photos, and music across a full range of DLNA-certified (Digital Living Network Alliance) Samsung devices, including notebooks and TVs.

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The technology makes it easier for users to seamlessly share videos, without the hassle of connecting cables. Samsung said the Galaxy 5 can even be used as a remote control for your Samsung TV or used to play videogames on a laptop.

The Galaxy 5 is available now at a recommended retail price of RM699.

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